Frequently Asked Questions

1: what does obs stand for?

The Osterlid Broadcast Section

3: when obs was founded?

OBS was founded by Keith O. Williams on November 27, 2007, as a podcasting and content-sharing network in Fredericksburg, VA.

5: what type of service do you offer?

Audiovisual content, films, podcasting, radio/television broadcasting, commercial/promo/podcasting production, and distribution.

7: What is the mission of OBS?

To inform, educate, empower, enlighten, entertain, and inspire.

2: Who is obs?

OBS is an American English-language commercial broadcast television, podcasting, and radio network. It’s a subsidiary of Greater Works Business Service located in Birmingham, AL.

4: do you have various divisions under your belt?

Yes, we do. We have the following divisions as apart of OBS International: OBS, OBS Radio, OBS News, OBS Sports, OBS Financials, OBS Films, OBS Productions, and OBS Media Services.

6: how can I contact obs?

Our mailing address is 209 20th Street North, Suite 95, Birmingham, AL 35203. Our office is located at 120 19th Street North, Suite 234, Birmingham, AL 35203. Our studios are located at 1121 Tuscaloosa Avenue SW, Birmingham, AL 35205. Our telephone numbers are 205-740-3213 (office) and 205-431-3452 (studio). You can email us at

8: Do you have a podcast I can watch/listen to or download?

Yes, currently, we have four podcasts: The Works, OBS Talk Show Presents, How Great God Is, and The Author’s Showcase. We have one podcast we are producing and distributing, Love Yourself with Pat Bell. We have future podcasts in the works including The Prayer Closet with Rev. Williams and The OBS Sports Report Weekly.