The History of OBS

Take a trip back in time
as we tell the story of how OBS came to be. We came a long way with a bright future to look forward to.

the origin (2007-2008)

At a time when the mainstream media neglect to talk about topics that people were talking about, Keith Williams envisioned a service where no kitchen table issues and the primary topics of the news can be discussed in a way that will lead to action. That comes with the introduction of the Osterlid Broadcast Section. Using local cable television and mainstream radio, Williams brought a new perspective to the topics and issues of the day. He also introduced people to the media spotlight that otherwise might have been overlooked.

the Petersburg, VA years (2013-2016)

The height of OBS’s podcasting popularity grew out of this era. During this period, How Great God Is, The Author’s Showcase, OBS Talk Show Presents, and The Works made their debuts in sporadic episodes. BlogTalk Radio became the main platform used to broadcast these podcast series that were produced live. Podcasting became a tool for outreach with an audience of over 1100 listeners on a weekly basis, over 100 people attending Christian services, and serving over 500 people weekly in mission work.


Upon his return to Birmingham, Keith Williams become very active in the local community as well as the city. He also was involved in the affairs of the state of Alabama. Issues addressed were voting rights, social justice, the environment, neighborhood revitalization, education, and politics. During that time, Williams created sporadic podcast episodes of How Great God Is, OBS Talk Show Presents, The Works, and The Author’s Showcase to reflect advocacy and community organizing work. In 2020, OBS produced and distributed its first third-party podcast, Love Yourself with Pat Bell.


the Fredericksburg, VA years (2008-2013)

The first incarnation of The Works made its debut with a mixture of radio and television broadcasting on local cable outlets in 2008 and ended in 2013. The broadcasts were responsible for building a solid ministry in Virginia, reaching people statewide. Outreach, Christian education, and discipleship were the primary ministries associated with OBS broadcasts.

the move to Birmingham (2016-2017)

Due to personal reasons, Keith Williams decided to relocate back to his roots in Birmingham. With podcasting skills becoming popular, Williams continued to sporadically produce podcast segments based on the hottest topics and current events. Most of Williams’ episodes were broadcast on Facebook as the main platform for podcasting.

return to podcasting (2022-present)

There are so many topics that the mainstream media won’t cover. There are many stories to tell. People with so much knowledge and skill. OBS decided that it will return to podcasting. 2022, for far, has been a productive year in the world of podcasting. In January 2023, a new podcast, In Prayer with Reverend Williams will feature short segments used to pray for the people and words of encouragement. Moving away from BlogTalk Radio, OBS found more advanced podcasting platforms to reach a wider audience. OBS is now broadcasting from Facebook, YouTube, Anchor FM, iHeartRadio, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and SiriusXM Radio.